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Web Site Design

Custom Websites

CG Hosting , and it's associate High Cloud Custom Layouts  offer a wide
range of services to help your businesses establish an effective, yet
economical, World Wide Web presence.
We can create your website, and then host it on our domain as
a Sub-Domain or on our servers under your Domain name. servers.


The first step is to call and speak to one of our specialists to
schedule a free consultation. In the course of the consultation,
we will evaluate your needs and discuss possible means to
designing your website.
Additional meeting time, if required: $50/hour. (USD)

Website Creation

CG Hosting can design your web site in HTML at
a cost of $65/hour.(USD)

This includes scanning photos or other graphics, converting graphic files from other formats into GIF or JPEG format and creating forms.

Estimates for page creation costs are provided at no charge once we have conducted the initial FREE half hour consultation..or you have sent to us via e-mail or snail mail, your ideas and requirements.
Check out our  Rates Schedule for an idea of cost.
The prices may vary depending on your requirements and complexity of your site.

Additional Services

CGI,Java programming, audio,video streaming, online transactions
and "shopping carts."
Custom programming: $85 hour (USD) 1 hr. mimimum.
CGI and Java scripts are quoted on an individual basis.

Graphic Artists:

CG Hosting has access to graphic artists who can design Logos,
Banners and other graphic arts at a cost of $ 75.00 per hour. (USD)


Text changes to your website or change of ready to FTP graphics: $45.00 per hour (USD)

Design Package:

CG Hosting offers a START-UP package consisting of up to 5 pages with a maximum of 2 graphics per page for $450.00 (USD)
A page is the amount of material that would normally fit on your screen by clicking it up to 3 times.
The webmaster at CG Hosting has the right to indicate what constitutes a page and has the final say on it.
This "PAGE" is the same length as (1) page
Packages do not include Frames or Tables


FREE initial consultation  (Up to one half hour) (Value: $25.00 USD)
Three FREE listings for your business in our Global "WEST COAST NEWS"
E-zine as a sponsor. (minimum $30.00 value)
Adult sites not included in free listing:
Sorry: Our E-zine is for "GENERAL" readers. 
FREE Web Page Counter
and.........When you host with CG Hosting too.........
FREE registration of your domain name:
(2 year Registration fee not included)

FREE registration for your site in the most popular Internet search engines,ensuring that customers will find your site 

If you have further questions please call (604)318-8545

CG Hosting reserves the right to change the rates without notice.
Applicable rates will be those posted as of the date your order is placed and accepted.

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Voice: [604] - 318-8545

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