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CG Hosting is a division of Cyber-Gold Communications. The CG Hosting division provides web hosting and other related services including but not limited to:

Virtual Web Site Hosting, Co-Location, Sub-domain, Web Site design, Custom Script, SQL, Domain Registration, Custom Graphics Design, Logo Design.  

Fees charged

All  services are quoted at the time of  their request but are subject to change without notice. Any change in a fee rate initiated after a customer has agreed to services being provided will be given 30 days notice of the same.

Hosting accounts will incur the full hosting charge every QUARTER on a recurring basis unless 30 days notice to discontinue services is provided by the customer in writing. Such notice will be given 30 days prior to the end of the term that the customer has been billed for. Failure to provide the same will invoke a billing for the next full  term, as per the billing arrangement. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Bandwith Overage is charged at a rate of $10.00 per 10 Gigabyte Block (or portion thereof)


There is a one-time setup fee for some services. It is the responsibility of the customer to request the fee amount before services are provided.

Web Hosting is billed Quarterly. Other requests are billed in full at the time of the services having been provided.

We accept  payments  by ON-LINE C/C payment through 2checkout.com, Wire Transfer and Company Cheque. All payments are due on the date indicated on your invoice. Our Payment Policy clearly covers Policy and Procedures pertaining late payments.

A copy of the TERM invoice is not sent as a rule but may be requested by the customer at any time. Customers making payment via 2checkout.com will receive a payment received statement from 2checkout.com when payment has been received.

It is not the responsibility of CG Hosting to meet the 30 day  time period but it will do it's best whenever possible. It is the customer's responsibility to have their payment in on or before the due date.

Web Content:

All content provided for hosting by the customer must be of lawful standard. Possession, whether it be via storage or view able content that does not meet legal standard is strictly prohibited on our servers. CG Hosting shall be the final authority on what is considered legal content. Anything that may be considered borderline may also be required to be taken off the servers at the discretion of CG Hosting. In general, anything that is judged to be in Violation of any Canadian or United states law, whether it be federal, provincial, state, county or city may be removed without notice. In addition, but not limited to, any material felt to infringe on copyrighted material ,judged to be obscene, threatening or illegal software shall not be permitted under any conditions. As the aforesaid is our policy, the customer agrees to save harmless and indemnify CG Hosting, it subsidiaries, associates, affiliates and personnel due to the actions of the said customer.

CG Hosting holds the final decision on what content is permitted on the site.

Permitted Content:

Any content except those deemed to be illegal by any law, act, statute or policy to the contrary is permitted. Exceptions have been clearly stated throughout this document .If the customer is in doubt, it is his / her responsibility to clear it with CG Hosting in writing before storing or offering such material on our servers. Violation of this provision will constitute breach and the customer's account will be closed forthwith.

Sex related material and merchandise as well as legal pornography are permitted items on CG Hosting servers. Links to illegal or prohibited material are not permitted. Prohibited links include but are not limited to those that offer or entice viewers to visit child pornography, beastiality, warez, illegal download, racists, threatening, defamatory, bulk mail, copyright material for sale or others that CG Hosting may deem to fall into the category of prohibited content. CG Hosting shall have the final say in this matter and no recourse shall be available to the customer once a decision has been made.

Traffic - Transfer - Bandwidth:

Traffic-Transfer- bandwidth used by the customer is measured by any transfer of information in the form of text or graphics, directly readable by a web browser. This includes any and all html and non-html files (JPG, GIF, BMP etc files) whether they are transferred via web browser or ftp downloads or uploads and e-mail.

Storage of large amounts of downloadable files on the space provided will be read as bandwidth used as they are FTP'd down by viewers. This type of activity may generate the customer's allotted bandwidth to show an overage. The customer will be billed according to the bandwidth overage rate shown on the Rate Schedule.. Such overages are billed to the customer monthly and are due within 7 days of the e-mailed bill being sent.

Any customer found to be storing  FTP downloadable files, whether they be graphics or exe files, and sharing the same with outside browsers are subject to immediate suspension or termination.

Chat Rooms:

Sorry...We do not allow clients to install their own chat rooms.

Unsolicited E-mail - SPAM:

The customer's web space or our servers may not be connected directly or indirectly in any shape or form with anything that may be classified as Unsolicited E-mail (SPAM). This issue is strictly prohibited. If you are found to have spammed, are found to promote or advertise for bulk mail spam servers, are referenced in any part of a spam mail or the end result "reply to" of a spam mail , we will immediately, without warning, disable your domain. This includes, in addition, any promotion on your domain,for the use of un-solicited mail . In addition to your domain being disabled without notice, CG Hosting and / or it's parent company will levy a penalty for each spam policy violation. CG HOSTING reserves the right to determine what violates this policy.


Our means of contacting our clients for billing purposes and technical support is by e-mail.It is the customer's responsibility to supply a current e-mail address for the same. The email address must be connected to your hosted domain and not a third party or web based e-mail address. CG Hosting holds no responsibility for you not being aware of billing statements, policy violations or account cancellation if you do not supply us with your current e-mail address.

Limitation of Liability:

CG Hosting,it's parent company and suppliers agree to provide services without any warranty or conditions implied or expressed, on an "AS IS" basis. As such, due to any circumstances, within or not within our control, we shall not be held accountable or liable for any losses of any type, due to any action or lack thereof during your association with CG Hosting.

CG Hosting does and cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure service, and we are not liable if you are unable to access your web site or our services.

Dispute Resolution:

All disputes will be handled through the jurisdiction and courts, arbitrators or other means located in the City of New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, in the Dominion of Canada.
C.G. Hosting reserves the right to make amendments to it's Policies as it deems fit and appropriate. It is the customer's responsibility to check this page from time to time for any changes, amendments, additions or deletions to this page as it is also the customer's responsibility to check for changes in price plans or anything else that may affect them.

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